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A Note to Edge Browser Users

Posted on: October 12th, 2022 by EBHS No Comments

EBHS Qualys SSL Test Results

For more than two weeks now (as of October 12, 2022) we have had problems with Microsoft Windows Defender and Edge browsers. For some reason, our site was flagged as suspected of phishing, first by both Windows Defender and Edge SmartScreen, and after Microsoft reacted to fix the false positive flag, still by Edge browser’s SmartScreen feature. Although Microsoft has reacted to fix the issue, currently Edge browsers still produce warnings on both our conference and journal page. The main site at is accessible without warnings, however.

Despite the warnings, the sites are safe to use. You can confirm our basic security settings by checking the results of Sucuri security and malware scanner and Qualys SSL settings test.

In Edge, you can access the conference and journal pages by continuing from the warning page to page content. If you want to help, you can report the site as safe to Microsoft. This too, you can do from the warning screen. Meanwhile, we will keep working to remove the warnings and to find the reason for Microsoft’s false positives.

As a further note, when we collect names, affiliations and emails for conference or publishing purposes, this data is only used to promote EBHS conferences, activities and the journal. We don’t provide any details to any third party. When collecting payments for conferences, membership or donations, we don’t collect nor have access to any credit card details. The payment transaction happens between our users and PayPal.