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Poelmans, Raisanen & Taylor: The Long-Run Effect of Geographically-Staggered Legalizations: Was There a First-Adopter Advantage for States That Legalized Beer More Quickly in 1933?


Editors of the Essays in Economic and Business History announce the publication of Eline Poelmans, Samuel Raisanen, Jason E. Taylor's in press article:

The Long-Run Effect of Geographically-Staggered Legalizations: Was There a First-Adopter Advantage for States That Legalized Beer More Quickly in 1933?

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Vol 36, No 1 (2018): Essays in Economic & Business History

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Title Page and Table of Contents PDF


The Newest on the New Deal PDF
Price Fishback 1-22
The Co-movement of the Irish, UK, and US Stock Markets, 1869–1925 PDF
Rebecca Stuart 23-46
Unwritten Rules and Gendered Frames Amongst Probate Appraisers? Evidence from Eighteenth-Century York County, Virginia PDF
Wendy Lucas, Noel Campbell 47-94
Global Trade and Development: The Good, Bad, and Unanticipated 1600-1800 PDF
Ann Carlos 95-120
Steam Engines of Credit: The Role of Banks in Switzerland’s Economic Development, 1850-1913 PDF
Daniel C. Giedeman, Ryan A. Compton 121-158
The Growth of the Japanese Electric Power Industry and the World Bank’s Request to Increase Depreciation Costs Between 1951 and 1973 PDF
Takashi Kitaura 159-186
Philosopher’s Concrete: Dam Construction, Farmland Values, and Agricultural Production in the Western US, 1890–1920 PDF
Soudeh Mirghasemi 187-222
Colonial Transatlantiques: The French Line in Algeria, 1880-1940 PDF
John H. Perry 223-252
Early American Joint-Stock Investors and Their Challenges Investing in a Physical Structure: The Case of Boston’s Long Wharf, 1710-1825 PDF
Kelly M. Kilcrease 253-289
The Entrepreneurial Culture and the Mysteries of Economic Development PDF
Louis Galambos 290-320

Book Reviews

Noppen, Ryan K. Blue Skies, Orange Wings: The Global Reach of Dutch Aviation in War and Peace, 1914-1945. Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 2016. 338 Pp. PDF
Erik Benson 321-323
Bruni, Luigino and Stefano Zamagni. Civil Economy: Another Idea of the Market. Newcastle upon Tyne: Agenda, 2016. 147 Pp. PDF
Michael Curry 324-327
Rubin, Jared. Rulers, Religion, & Riches: Why the West Got Rich and the Middle East Did Not. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2017. PDF
Lynne P. Doti 327-330
Merritt, Jane T. The Trouble with Tea: The Politics of Consumption in the Eighteenth-Century Global Economy. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2017. 212 Pp. PDF
Jeremy Land 330-332
Knodell, Jane Ellen. The Second Bank of the United States: “Central” Banker in an Era of Nation Building, 1816-1836. Routledge, 2017. 160 Pp. PDF
John Moore 333-335
Warren, Wendy. New England Bound: Slavery and Colonization in Early America. New York: Liveright, 2016. 368 pp. PDF
Erik Noren 336-338

Editor's Notes

Editor's Notes PDF
Jason E. Taylor 339-341

ISSN: 0896-226X